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The undeniable charm and fascination of Russian brides

What most of us know about Russian mail order wives comes from their portrayal in the movies and on TV. They always stand out in any environment, and not only because of their charming accent. They seem to have a radiating presence that lights up the room. They are also diligent, resourceful, and always willing to help others out in various situations. With such an image in mind, it is no wonder that many gentlemen in the West like to marry lovely ladies from Russia. Maybe, even some of your friends have done so. Indeed, as daunting as it may seem, meeting and marrying an ideal Russian bride is something that any gentleman can afford. In essence, all one needs is a little patience. Of course, it becomes easier when one knows where to mail order Russian brides, how to win them over, and how to avoid the possible issues that may arise.

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Why are there so many good-looking single Russian women?

If a lady is good-looking, smart, and willing to marry, we assume that it’s easy for her to find a husband. If she’s all that but remains single, we cannot help but wonder:

  • Is there no fitting husband for her in Russia?
  • Is there something about her that scares men off?
  • Maybe local grooms don’t fit for her because she wants to marry a wealthy foreigner’s wallet and green card?
  • Maybe she just wants to escape her country by all means?

One can speculate about these questions forever, or we can look at the facts and find a rational explanation about why these gorgeous women choose to become Russian mail order brides.

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What women become Russian mail order brides and why

Defining mail order brides

First of all, let’s be clear about what a mail order bride is not. It’ s not a job for a woman. Ladies don’t get paid for communicating with gentlemen on dating websites and don’t treat it as a career. That said, they are ready to work hard for their main goal — marriage. Another critical detail is that they choose a fitting husband themselves. You have every opportunity to swoop her off her feet and win her over. But you cannot have the agency force her to marry you or even return your messages unless that’s what she wants. In other words, a mail order brides platform offer you every tool to meet and date Russian women online and facilitate your communication, but they cannot offer you to buy a Russian bride.


When thinking about why these women join these agencies, it is tempting to put on a tinfoil hat and come up with the craziest theories about what they ‘really’ want. The actual reasons are, however, much more down to earth and make perfect sense.

  • It’s difficult to meet the right guy. One of your reasons for dating Russian women online may be the fact that you can’t find the right woman in your area. For women in Russia, it’s even more challenging because the gender ratio here favors men quite notably. So, failing to find a fitting match in her location, an eligible Russian woman, quite sensibly, expands her search to other regions of Russia or even other countries.
  • They are too busy to go out. The USSR has lost more men in the 2nd World War than any other country. So, they had no choice but to allow women the same career opportunities on every level. Since then, there haven’t been any significant issues with gender equality at a working place in Russia. As such, most single women in Russia are as busy at work as you probably are, and so, they have as little time for personal life. So, online dating presents an excellent solution for her to socialize with potential romantic interests when and where she has a minute to spare and feels comfortable.
  • They are desperate to escape their routine. When the Iron Curtain fell, Russian women and girls first got exposed to the Western media that pictured fairytale-like life. They dreamt of escaping their humdrum lives with a Hollywood prince. Eventually, they may have realized how unrealistic it all was. But it doesn’t stop them from dreaming because dreams don’t exist on a rational level. Hot Russian brides know that real life in the First World is not what Hollywood pictures it to be, — they’re not dumb, by far. Still, the mentioned icon of a Hollywood prince persists, and the best part is that you don’t need Tom Cruise’s looks or Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet to fit into it. Once again, it’s not a rational thing, so you have an advantage over Russian men by default in this department.
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What makes hot Russian brides an excellent catch

Just like these ladies, gentlemen also have their individual reasons for looking for a bride internationally. Some are simply after their ideal of a wife, and they couldn’t care less where she comes from. Some want a bride ‘from elsewhere’ because they dislike some particular traits that many women in their culture share. Others are quite specific in their fascination with ladies from a particular culture. Regardless of what your reasons may be, you should be well-informed about what Russian brides have in store for you in actuality.

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The unparalleled beauty of Russian girls

Usually, when we talk about beautiful women of a certain nation, we have a set of features in mind. That’s not how it works with beautiful Russian women. It’s true that most women in Russia are of Slavic origin. But it would be downright unfair to discard a whole set of other ethnicities dwelling across Russia’s vast territories — from Chechnya in the South to Yakutia in the extreme North-East. You can meet single Russian women of practically any existing ethnicity. However, one of their shared features will be that they all accord to the trope that we have mentioned at the very beginning of our article. They always look their best due to the effort they invest in a healthy lifestyle in general and healthy diet in particular.

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Russian wives’ devotion to marriage

When you raise a girl, you face a choice. You either raise the child the regular way, education- and career-oriented, or you foster femininity in her to raise her as a picture-perfect wife and mother-to-be. Ideally, of course, parents can find the ultimate balance that will suit their daughter’s temper and allow her to realize all her potential to the fullest. Maybe that’s what Russian parents aim for, but it looks like what they effectively do is escalating both aspects to the max. As a result, it’s quite common to see hot Russian women marrying young and having their first baby while still at the university. Of course, she tries to excel at being both a career person and a family woman. But you may have seen the shocking divorce stats in Russia and wondered — do Russian women make good wives if they divorce all the time? Well, here’s your answer: under such pressure, it’s no wonder that so many Russian couples fail to make a marriage work.

However, it’s not the case with all Russian brides online. You will meet as many divorced women as single ones who have never been married. You can trust the information in their profiles because a respectable dating agency will always verify such crucial details. Moreover, registering with a dating agency requires will and some effort of a girl. So, since she’s there, she indeed wants to marry and create a family, and she hasn’t been pressured into this whole thing by her family, the society, or tradition.

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What kind of wives Russian brides make

As mentioned above, female emancipation at schools and working places in Russia was a result of a demographic shock and not of social progress. One can argue that women were pushed into factories and universities because that’s where the country needed them. They didn’t really have a say about whether they want it, or they’d prefer to stay home, take care of the family, and raise children. One may even say that the Soviet state has forcefully dragged women out of their traditional roles. In turn, it prevented society from evolving to the level where it could embrace a well-rounded form of feminism. It may be that, even after generations, women in Russia still strive to excel in education and career but still feel missing out if they don’t have a loving family.

For you, it means that if you release her of the necessity to earn her sustenance and allow her to devote herself to the family, she will be utterly grateful. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she will become an obedient servant and baby machine. But if your ideal match is a woman who still can appreciate a traditional female role in a family, the Russian women for marriage are indeed your pick.

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Russian girls’ intelligence and industriousness

Some gentlemen still think that Russian mail order wives are all about money. Hopefully, at this point in our article, you are already aware that these ladies are perfectly capable of providing for themselves. Of course, they like it when they don’t have to worry about their and their children’s comfort and financial security, — who doesn’t! But they don’t need to marry merely for that. Moreover, beautiful Russian brides are raised better than begging or demanding it. They will zealously work to get what they want. We have mentioned the high divorce rate in Russia, so you can imagine how many single moms there are. If you look around, you’ll see that many of them are great at multitasking and combining childrearing and leading spectacular careers.

If you read feedback from happy husbands of Russian wives, you’ll notice that, even though the house is squeaky clean and the family is well-fed, these women usually don’t like to lock themselves in the kitchen. They always find a way to release the zest and energy with which they are overwhelmed. They find part-time jobs (and eagerly learn the necessary skills, in case they lack any), engage in social work or charities, etc.

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Picking a Russian mail order brides service

We have no doubt that you will find your soulmate on one of those dating services, and neither should you. However, there is one major thing that you can do to facilitate the process — pick the ultimate platform for you, a place where you will feel most comfortable. Googling something like ‘Russian women brides,’ you’ll see extreme splendor of dating services, and every dating website tries hard to stand out by offering something unique. One platform will try to include users from all over the world and allow them to filter their search specifically to Russian girls, for example. Another dating platform will pose itself as a Russian brides club and connect you only with brides from the former USSR. Some websites charge regular subscription fees while others have a separate price tag on every feature they offer. Simply put, there are plenty of variables, and your choice of the website where you’ll be looking for your life partner needs to be well-informed.

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What to consider when choosing the ultimate dating website

  • Design and navigation. Usually, it takes no less than six months before you meet a woman you adore in every way on such a website. As such, you’ll be spending quite some time here, so it must feel (and be) comfortable in every way. Moreover, the website itself must look up-to-date and give you the feeling that the operating company cares about the users and doesn’t shy away from investing in users’ comfort.
  • Physical address. Since the website is run by a company, the company must be registered somewhere and have a physical address. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to write them paper letters, much less visit them in person: It’s more like a matter of reputation.
  • Other contacts. If you are into writing long letters on papers, you have an excellent chance of impressing your romantic interest. The dating platform should enable you to contact them prompter than that: via live chat or a good old phone number. It’s best if you contact them before you sign up to ask them some ‘pre-sales’ questions and see how prompt, professional, and polite their customer service is.
  • Pricing. The market is fiercely competitive, so the chances are that any dating platform will have an offer to fit your budget. However, you must know what you’re paying for. If it’s a regular subscription, you must know what features are included. If you’re buying access to a particular feature, it must be clear how long it remains valid. It shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s also worth checking if they accept your credit card or whichever payment method that works for you. Importantly, beware if a website asks for your financial information for shady reasons like verifying your personality. A user is to enter their credit card number only when they are making a purchase online.


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