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Experience true love with Asian brides

The numbers of single people unable to establish a meaningful relationship with a suitable partner locally are staggering. In our busy lives, there's not much time to go out, meet new people, and start romantic relationships. What's more, we often realize that we don't have much in common with persons we come across in our hometown's bars and clubs. Are we destined to stay alone then? Not while there are so many high-quality web-based services offering Asian mail order brides. 

Online dating has become as common as any other form of courtship. Nobody has to put themselves through the ordeal of one blind date after another, while your happily married friends try to fix you up with someone "perfect." You can choose your partner yourself, do it at your own pace and according to the criteria you deem fit. Where else can you filter your potential mates by ethnicity, body type, preferences in life, and so on, if not on the internet? Topnotch dating platforms allow you to use their sophisticated matching algorithms to find a woman who's absolutely the best for you. 

Interracial dating: white men and Asian women

Unlike old times when people were expected to marry within their race, interracial marriages are no longer a taboo today. More and more people are attracted to persons of different ethnic backgrounds. There's something incredibly appealing in getting romantically involved with a woman who's so diametrically the opposite to everyone you've met before. Well, in the way she looks anyway. Because when matters of the heart are concerned, people are not that different, regardless of their country of origin. Striving for love and affection is a universal human need shared by persons all over the globe. So why stay confined to your small local community when you can choose your mate internationally? 

Perhaps you too will find bliss with an Asian beauty like so many men before you. Just think about Mark Zuckerberg, John Lennon or Nicolas Cage! An internet billionaire, a pop star, and an award-winning actor had the whole world of potential partners to choose from. And yet they had their hearts set on hot Asian women. They must have had good reasons for that. Indeed, Asian women have rocketed to the number one position among women in their desirability for short- and long-term relationships as well as marriage. Although a taste in women is something utterly subjective and personal, there seems to be a trend that involves ladies of Asian ethnicity that makes them so sought-after. In this article, we'll try to cover the essential features that give Asian brides an advantage over their European or American counterparts. The list we provide is by no means exhaustive; an Asian girl brings so much into a relationship that we can't possibly be expected to itemize it all. We merely aim at giving you a solid starting point in your adventure of seeking out and dating these eastern beauties.

Advantages of interracial marriages with mail order brides

  • They last longer. When a bride is chosen according to a preset list of criteria that you invest plenty of time and effort into compiling, the chances for a successful marriage increase. Asian brides look for a partner for life, and not just someone to have fun with for a while. As a result, the divorce rates for marriages that involve mail order brides are significantly lower compared to the usual West European or American divorce rate (20% vs. 40%).
  • Women from all age groups sign-up to become Asian mail order brides, but more than 60% of them belong to the 18-25 age group. These women had never been married before, and you'll be the first to discover their charms.

Many men feel not understood in their local community and find it easier to meet a soul mate across the world than in their neighborhood.

The perks of having an Asian wife

Please note that the things we'll discuss here are mere generalizations that do not necessarily apply to a particular woman you date. We've merely compiled a list of features most beautiful Asian women have in common, leaving plenty of room for each lady’s uniqueness and individuality. 

  • Patriarchal upbringing. The feminist movement has yet to make ground in many parts of Asia. Meanwhile, girls are still being brought up to respect, love, and support their husbands and let them lead the way while they follow. As an Asian girl will never contradict her father in public, she will also do nothing to humiliate or embarrass her husband later on. This doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily agree with all of his opinions, but she will settle any disagreement in the privacy of their home instead of making a scene in public. 
  • Family orientation. No matter how educated an Asian woman is, or what type of job she's employed in, she'll readily give it all up to start a family and be a mum. It's not that these women don't care about earning money, but they prefer to leave the major role of breadwinning to their husbands and focus on raising a family. Only after their children have left home, gone to college, or got married, will they seriously consider a full-time job again.
  • Faithfulness and devotion. When young Asian girls choose a partner, it's for life. They will support him in good or bad, stand by his side in all hardships life might put on their path, and never abuse his trust. Having lots of partners or marrying more than once is not in their upbringing. Their reputation means the world to them, and they will never do anything to tarnish it. 

Great looks and mild-tempered personality. Asian ladies take good care of themselves and go to great lengths to preserve and improve their natural beauty. They are physically active and fit, which allows their bodies to stay in good shape as years go by. They are generally slim and graciously built; their waists are narrow and tend not to gain excess weight with age. Their girl-like faces, with dark eyes and long straight hair, remain young looking for a long time. To complement that, there is an extraordinary personality that's stable and not prone to violent emotional outbursts or temper tantrums. Living with an Asian wife is a real blessing – they are easy-going and yet very organized and persistent in everything they do. Their perfectionist traits will make them keep your house pristine and your children well-behaved and nicely groomed.

What makes beautiful women become Asian mail order brides?

Let’s deal with some common prejudices and misconceptions first:

  1. Money is all that matters to them. Although it's not impossible that you'll come across a gold-digger or two on your online dating adventure, the majority of these ladies are not driven by financial gain. Contrary to the common belief that most Asian women are destitute and looking for a husband to support them, they are quite able to provide for themselves. Most Asian singles hold at least a high-school degree and have well-paying jobs and promising careers. Why would they leave all that and relocate to a distant country to marry a Western guy? Well, for similar reasons why you are looking for a bride in Asia – to end loneliness, experience an adventure, see the world, etc.
  2. They are eager to leave Asia. In truth, these girls are quite attached to their homeland and not keen on leaving it unless they meet someone genuinely special. 
  3. Marrying an Asian girl will cost you a lot of money. Although you should not embark on the adventure of dating an Asian woman when in dire financial circumstances, marrying Asian beauties should not bring you enormous financial expenses. The actual costs involve:
  • Dating site membership fees. Even though most sites offer some features for free, to make the best of your online dating experience, you should consider a membership upgrade. We strongly recommend you to purchase a Gold or Platinum membership plan for a period of at least six months. That will enable you to take your time in searching through the profiles of multiple hot Asian girls before deciding which ones you like. Paid memberships also include more contact options, and even the possibility to video chat or use the services of a translator should language become a barrier. 
  • Visa and travel expenses. Dating websites usually offer to take care of your travel arrangements, but the plane ticket, hotel reservations, and other miscellaneous expenditures will still require a substantial budget. 
  • Obligation to pay a dowry. This custom is still in place in many parts of China, and the amount of money a groom is expected to pay for the bride can be as high as $15000.

Where to find the most beautiful Asian mail order brides

Websites that offer to connect you to Asian women dating are in no short supply. The internet is flooded with online dating services that cater to various populations. Some of them are nation-specific; others are more comprehensive and provide a vast database of women of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. Before deciding on registering on a particular dating platform, take your time to read customer reviews not to waste your time on those with a less-than-perfect track record. In case trusting anyone you haven't previously met in person fills you with horror, let us set your mind at ease. Bogus websites with fake profiles do exist, but they are strongly outnumbered by those offering a genuine dating experience with women whose credentials had been meticulously verified. An online dating venue that's been in business for over a decade will do everything in their power to protect their impeccable reputation. That includes hiring a dedicated Fraud prevention team that takes customer safety very seriously. 

The best Asian dating sites offer you a possibility to choose a woman coming from a myriad of Asian countries. Current trends show that Filipinos are in highest demand and make up for a staggering 80% of the total Asian mail order bride market. Other nationalities include Indonesians, Malaysians, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. 

Once you meet Asian women on a chosen dating platform, take some time and get to know them better before you decide to visit them in their hometown. If you decide after a while that an Asian bride you'd been dating is not the right one for you, simply tell her that so you can both move on. In spite of carefully selecting your search criteria, mismatches can happen for the simple reason that matters of the heart are not that easily programmed into a computer algorithm. If that happens, just keep your dating experience in a dear memory and start chatting with another lady. The perfect one does exist, and she is waiting for you to find her. Whether it is a hot Asian teen or a more mature Asian woman, she'll surely bring joy and excitement into your life, and you'll never feel lonely again. Her commitment to a long-term relationship is unparalleled, and she'll stay true to you in all circumstances. Perhaps that's one of the most fundamental reasons why so many Western men choose them as their partners for life. Are you prepared to join their ranks? If so, you'll be in good company, that's for sure.

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