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Mail order brides services explained in details

You have already come across 'mail order bride' term a couple of times already - especially if you have been considering to search for love online. But what do these websites do, exactly? Well, it's simpler than it sounds, so read on.

Who are mail order brides?

Speaking frankly, a mail order bride is a lady that you meet online. The platform you meet these people on is called a ‘mail order bride website’ and these marriage-oriented sites have been around since the early 2000s.

The general slogan of any mail order bride service is – everyone deserves love. How true that notion is! Everyone deserves a chance to find love. It is imbued in our very nature to seek out a suitable partner. Back in the day, it was acceptable to judge a person based on their child begetting abilities- men had to be strong and manly, and women had to be wide-hipped and fertile. Nowadays, things have changed somewhat. We put much more emphasis on the emotional, rather than the physical. We have evolved as humans to see the beauty on the inside, rather than the beauty that temporarily resides on the outside.

Developing our technology definitely has helped in finding a mate. We have apps that can connect us with the rest of the world in the blink of an eye. We have online dictionaries that let us talk to anyone in any language we choose. Dating apps allow us to find partners as soon as we are mature enough to handle the responsibility. Yet, with the development of such technology, we have also become very isolated. It has become very hard for some people to find the one. The unlucky ones who are isolated by geography or cultural differences sometimes don’t have the choice when trying to find a romantic partner. There aren’t that many candidates for them to choose from.

What should a person like that do? Move to another country? Pack their home, sell it off, and move to a bigger neighborhood? Try to go to different clubs or malls in search of other people? These steps are highly irrational and sometimes can cost a lot of money and time. The end result might vary – there is nothing that guarantees a successful partnership.

Luckily for these souls, there is a mail order bride service. Mail order brides’ services help lonely souls connect to thousands of eligible and beautiful women from all over the world. These ladies are often highly educated and come from good families. The countries where these mail order brides come from are generally located in Europe – Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, France; and Asia – Japan and China. They are looking for serious relationships that end up in stable marriages.

As a potential suitor, you make an account on these websites and start talking with hundreds of ladies from all over the world. Every professional matchmaking website has a chat and video system. All of these tools come in very handy to help you develop the relationship. If things go as planned and both parties agree, you can get married.

The best part about using a mail order bride service is that if your bride is from a different county, which they mostly she is, the service helps you out with the visa. If you desire to get married, there will be a fee that you need to pay. Think of it as a real estate agent’s fee. This fee covers the service they have provided as well as personal help in issuing a visa.

Visas are hard to get on your own. Government procedures can be daunting and quite scary to those who work outside that sphere. With the help of a mail order bride service, however, things become quite smooth. They not only take your documents and submit them, but they track the progress on your behalf. By leaning on them for help, you make sure that the entire process runs as smooth as possible.

Evolution of love in a modern world

Love is in the epicenter of everything; the universe, our little planet, and our own hearts. Living without love is impossible. Ever since the dawn of time, our ancestors realized the importance of family. They didn’t call it by that word – to them, family meant the forming of couples or groups with the creation of new life as an end goal of this whole game. It was efficient and worked to spread the population. Now, centuries later, we’ve established the concept of marriage and family; these are systems that give meaning to our life. A family gives us a sense of purpose, a grander design than our own selfish wants. It gives us an understanding of what it means to care for one another. In a sense, it makes us kinder.

This raises a question, however, why is love such a giant burden. If it has been around since the dawn of time and has been such a big presence in our lives forever, why does it fill us with dread? It’s no lie that countless people suffer from heartache each year; by statistics from 2017, over ten thousand people have committed suicide by an account of lovesickness. That is a staggering number.

We believe we have an answer – those that suffer have just been unlucky. It’s a very simple answer and we think it is true. Luck is another element of life that cannot be seen or touched. It walks straight with some folks and avoids the others. It’s a real mystery, yet it plays such a vital part. Some people are lucky to find love at the beginning of their life. They are born into a good family, raised properly, and when they mature they find a spouse and start a family. Others, however, walk alone through this world. Those people often suffer from chronic heartache. Chronic heartache is an emotional disease (that with time can grow to be a physical ailment) that leaves its victim lethargic and frequently depressed.

The cure for chronic heartache is love or a steady relationship. This is the core of the problem. Because a person has not been able to find a functional relationship, they have been subjugated to chronic pain. If they could only find someone that suits them emotionally they would be healed, but chances are they won’t, and the chronic depression will only become more severe.

There wasn’t a cure, until now. Starting from the early 2000s, there has been a new service that has been gathering popularity among young and single men. A mail order brides service caters to young (and sometimes older gentlemen) who have not been able to find a partner and start a family. The service provides a catalog of available ladies who are anxious to find a caring and loving husband.

Using these services, a person isn’t guaranteed that they will find love, but it is as good a place to start as any. Following current research on mail order brides by Oxford and Stanford scientists, over 60% of men who use the service find a lasting relationship. As for the women, an average of 50% of all ladies finds a suitable partner. Out of all these relationships, 49% of couples have stayed together for longer than ten years! This is a research that was measured using the period between 2008 and 2018.

What can mail order brides services do?

As well as give you powerful tools of communication and a full catalog of ladies to choose from, mail order brides service handles personal education and psychological tests. Every member of the website gets infinite access to seminars and articles written by onboard staff such as psychiatrists, doctors, and journalists. These articles and seminars range in topic, but all of them are centered on bettering yourself. Some sample topics are:

  • How to learn a language in 30 days or less. How has the Internet abolished the language barrier?
  • The beauty of Russia – why some of the most beautiful brides come from the mystical land of Russia?
  • How to overcome ethical differences and how to manage our own prejudice? Why marrying away from your culture can mean good things for your future?
  • The Oriental is the new love land – why men are choosing beautiful and obedient Asian brides?
  • Traveling and love: why is it a good idea to sell your house and car, and backpack across Europe. The ups and downs of meeting love on the road.

Who can benefit from the service?

Virtually anybody can benefit from a mail order bride service. There are no age requirements (beyond the customary 18 years of age), no ethnic prohibitions, no language barrier, and no location ban. Mail order brides services try to include as many people as they can; it is a part of the gimmick to show a large catalog of people from different nationalities and cultures.

Most people who take advantage of this service are 18 to 45 years of age for men and 18 to 35 years of age for women. These people are generally heartsick and downtrodden from years of bad experiences. Most of them have already tried to find suitable relationships where they live and have failed, due to no fault of their own. This is the saddest part of all. Wanting love and being able to give all you have, but failing because the society you are in has not reached the state of maturity you are currently in.

Virtually anybody who is heartsick and is ready to commit to a serious relationship is welcome to get a membership on such websites. Whenever you are looking for love, there is a market for brides that will cater to you. The best part about being in such a high age of technology is that all the barriers that once held us – geography and prejudice, have been abolished. Everyone can find love.

What does our website do?

We take pride in researching the Internet for the top-rated mail order brides websites we can find. Our dedicated team of writers and psychologists reviews these websites and delivers content to our readers. The content aims and showing you the best platforms where you can find love. We don’t just deliver the information, we analyze it. There is a great deal more to just writing down the facts. It takes a skilled eye and a quick hand to find the most valuable information possible and trim it down, so it is available to people in this busy day and age of rapidly changing technology.

Our reviews are never sponsored. We will never publish something that has been paid for by a mail order bride website. We like to think that our integrity has been intact; we even dare to boast that as of yet we have never delivered any falsified information.

Our grand goal is to help lonely hearts such as you find an alternative road to love. Be it on dating websites or mail order bride websites, we believe that love should transcend all barriers; color, language, customs, and geography. We will strive to deliver the best content we can and help you on your journey to happily ever after.

As a last piece of advice: never give up on your quest for true love. We know it is difficult and treacherous to walk these dark waters alone. Remember, there is help all around you. Family and friends; as well as us, the reviewers of such content. Our goal is to help you find true love, in whatever shape or form it comes. We never judge and we never lie; think of us as your friendly godmother. Always there for you and people like you, even in the darkest moments.

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